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A different genres of music Mon-Sat at 6pm!

Monday - Country w/Isaac -  Jungle Jims Classic Rock Show

Tuesday - Jazz with Dr. Jazz

Wednesday - Bluegrass then Blues w/Doug McQuain

Thursday - Woodsongs - Folk Sampler / Patrick Terlizzi Live!

Friday - Everything Celtic then Acoustic Cafe


Saturday - Rockibilly and Blues 6pm

Sunday - Classical 10a w/Grumpy John

NOAA Weather Radio feed for Stevens County Residents!

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KCHW provides this link as a public service

due to the insufficient NWS signal quality in Stevens County … darn mountains … stay safe!

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For the New Broadcast Center

Wish list :) Piano, Curtains, Sheet Rock (½in) - Construction Services (free or barter) - Bar Stools (matching 2 or more tall) - Office Chairs -  Coffee Pot -  Station Vehicle - Parking Lot Striping - Hwy 395 Sign Location - We Barter for On-Air-Thank You -  Announcements

We can always use …

Computers / pc parts and monitors, hard drives - Microphones, mic-mixers and/or mixing boards - Office Phones -  Supplies - Headphones (over-ear) any and all music equipment / gear

KCHW Wish List

Radio Guild Business Level Members

Northeast Washington Community Radio Guild

Guild News:Raise the Antenna II

Community Radio Secures Tower Space for 2016!

KCHW has a letter of intent to allow us to join a new tower going up on Wrights Mtn. This will give us countywide coverage and then some! While the tower will be ready in just weeks the equipment needed to broadcast from the site totals an estimated 30k. We are currently seeking funding through grants and are in the final phase of one. Unfortunately, we are up against 60 other non-profits for this funding source and some may have a need more important than ours.  However, I also believe support of this endeavor will have a ripple effect through every other community service that we support and give free airtime to. That’s not to mention the effect it can have on tourism and local events and businesses.

We broadcast an announcement for a new series from TEDD called “Put Chewelah on the Map” and I thought … “We Really Can!”

If we do not win the grant this December 11th, when the holidays have past we will turn to Indiegogo crowd funding and any local sources we can find to work with. It could take years to accumulate that much funding but since moving back home I’ve found some pretty miraculous things can happen in Chewelah!

Regardless, opportunity has once again opened the door for the community radio project that started in a garage in 2010. The pieces of the puzzle just landed in my lap and grew into a life of it’s own. 5 years later we are in a awesome facility with a beautiful studio and it’s all from people working together with out the bindings of corporate America and greed. We work for free, are often too busy and way behind. To our 13 regular volunteers, event helpers, area non-profits, Radio Guild supporting members and local businesses I say, “hats off … you are a forward thinking group and I thank you all”.  You make me proud to be from Chewelah!

In closing, your radio guild board members are determined to increase our signal penetration for our outlaying area residents and to have a positive effect not just in Chewelah … but county wide!

Thanks for Listening!


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