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Volunteer Openings!

October Political Forum Recording

Wanted: Musicians with original music to perform live!

Monday - Folk

Tuesday - Jazz w/ Dr Jazz

Wed.- Bluegrass (Blues w/Doug at 8pm)

Thursday - Classical w/Grumpy John

Friday - Unplugged & Acoustic

Broadcast Classes

The classes are tentatively planned (depending on response) from 6p-8p beginning Wednesday October 29th and continuing the following two Wednesdays in November.  All three are required and if you missed one in the past here is your chance to catchup.

   Class I - Public Radio 101 -  About the KCHW Radio Guild, KCHW Philosophy/Expectations, FCC rules for public radio, fines potentials. (This is a dry class but the most important!)

   Class II - Equipment / Mechanics

   Class III - Intro to Voice / Demo Tape Instructions

A show sample/demo (someone will help you) will be required for board of directors approval.

KCHW has several other areas to volunteer in and a full list is available on the home page via link in the first column at KCHW.org

Those interested in Music driven shows ... If you are thinking of a genre specific show we would prefer music shows that do not duplicate our current live shows of Blues, Jazz and Classical. We have a lot of interest in Country but have yet to find someone interested in providing that. Also, it's worth mentioning that Rap Music is not presently allowed due to the majority of it's content and attitude. Country and all other genres are wide open, from classic rock, to comedy to mashup to radio theater to reggae.

Those interested in Talk shows ... at this time we have not been able to purchase a broadcast delay and due to other necessary equipment purchases, one is not in the foreseeable future. Live calls are not an option for a talk show (or any show) but a pre-recorded and edited show may be a possibility. Also, anyone with a political agenda, radical views, conspiracy theorists or a political affiliation such as Republican, Democrat, Libertarian etc. should know that there is a chance you won't meet our expectations and philosophy of neutrality and education. Thus, your show may not make it through the vetting process or if deemed polarizing at any time, removed from the air. Basically, we are searching for true open-minded public radio moderators for when a delay is purchased. Rush Limbaugh / Al Franken types should probably not apply.

A few of our rules:

Chewelah Community Radio is a serious endeavor and radio broadcasting is laden with rules, perils and fines (public broadcasting like KCHW is even more scrutinized than commercial radio). It is also a huge investment of our time and yours so please consider the following: We will not indulge an individual who cannot follow FCC / KCHW rules and must protect this public resource above all. Shock and Awe (blue humor) broadcasting, being crude for attention, illicit references or self serving agendas are not something tolerated at KCHW radio.

   Hygiene, we work in close quarters and good hygiene is required at all times.

   No felonies on record (FCC requirement)

   Community first!

   No Alcohol, narcotics or any street drops while representing KCHW

   Membership is required for continuation after the first class and to use KCHW facilities ($25 - $35 annually)

We wish to simply educate, inform, and entertain. I look forward to your participation!

Please reply with your area of interest and availability if you would like to attend.

Best Regards,


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